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Developing a Self-driving Car – Day #1

So today is the day! Today I officially start my new Project called “Basic Autonomous Driving Agent using Self-made Software Chauffeur”, in short “BADASS Chauffeur” (the name may change slightly over time)!
I have been looking forward to this day for years. I started this project several times. However most of the time it failed due to other reasons, sometimes it was missing amount of time, sometimes it was missing amount of mobile computing power. But most of the time whenever I tried thinking about this project, I recognized that my knowledge about pattern recognition was too limited to start such a huge project. However now is the time I feel ready for this challenge! In the following days and weeks I am going to upgrade my nearly 25-years old car to an autonomous self-driving car with a budget of maximum 100€ (maybe even less). To be fair my car will never ever drive autonomously nor will the software slow down or speed up the car. This would be too dangerous. But my ultimate goal is to create a piece of software which would be able to drive in “easy situations” (like highway driving) totally autonomous.
This is of course an incredible amount of work to do. That is why I want to start “small” and my first small goal is to develop a software which runs on my quite old laptop (2,53GHz Intel Core i5; 4GB Ram, I guess DDR2 but not sure), using only CPU and a cam, reasonably fast (my goal is 1-2 frames per second). This software should be able to do the following:

  • Detect and recognize traffic signs
  • Detect and recognize traffic lights

This is already a lot of work even if it seems like something quite easy or fast to do. My plan is to have a working piece of software, which tackles the four mentioned points, in 1-2 weeks. Yesterday I did my first test with training a neural network to find traffic signs based on online data sets. However there have been a lot of problems, which I will explain in more detail in my next blog post. I am planning to release every day a short summary of my day regarding results and problems of this project. At the end of this project I will share the source code.

Stay tuned!

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