Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving - Traffic Sign Recognition
Autonomous Driving – Traffic Sign Recognition

This area is all about one of our biggest free-to-use projects we ever started. The goal is to develop a Self-driving car without any specific software, using only general purpose architectures and libraries (e.g. OpenCV, Caffe, Theano, …). The software is called “Basic Autonomous Driving Agent using Self-made Software Chauffeur”, in short “BADASS Chauffeur”. We want to create something usable without spending much money on it, because We are doing this project as hobby-project and we do not get paid for anything nor do we plan to sell the software. The whole software will be free to use in any project, because we are going to release it under the zLib license.


If you want to know more, you may be interested in reading the online diary posted in the blog: Online Diary