Theory Graph Viewer

Graphs generated by TGView

This project is a cooperation of Neural Ocean and the KWARC group at Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen. The task was to visualize dependencies between math-theories and models using graphs. On this way we wanted to give researchers an easy but powerful tool to navigate through the dependencies. The whole tool is based on Javascript and Vis.js. Even though Vis.js had quite a lot of predefined methods, we were forced to implement different extensions. These extensions are for example:

  • Two new Layout-Types (Force-Driven Layout and Semi-Hierarchical Layout)
  • Interaction with the graph, based on context and information provided by server
  • Advanced clustering algorithms

The overall system in action, called TGView, can be viewed at TGView on Mathhub.
The source-code is open-source and located at Github: TGView on Github
The system is not finished yet and we still expect bugs, problems and errors. However we are working towards the final version.
Conceptual details can be found in the corresponding paper: A Flexible, Interactive Theory-Graph Viewer