Cascade Classification – Boosting Run-Time Performance of Classification-Tasks

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In many applications, real-time image analysis is mandatory. An industry-robot, which needs five seconds to recognize objects on an image is mostly very limited in usage. On the other hand latest applications require detecting objects and positons as accurate as possible. Using some high-performance GPUs optimized for deep learning and latest research advances like YOLO, […]

Creating AIs for 4×4 TicTacToe – Part 5 – Monte-Carlo Simulation

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The current MinMax-AI, we implemented last time, is already working much better than the Heuristic driven AI! But is there a way to boost the performance even more? Yes there is! One possible approach is to improve the MinMax-Search itself (e.g. using Alpha-Beta-Search). This is basically the same as MinMax just with a few improvements. […]